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Frozen Roti Prata

Frozen Roti Prata

Here are 6 reasons why a pack of frozen Roti Prata is handy. I prefer the plain version so that it blends well with other food. There are pratas with French onion or spring onion flavours. Popiah skin does nearly the same job but it is usually bulk packed and nearly impossible to separate when frozen.

Mooncakes for 2011

Last year’s mooncakes were barely satisfactory.  The dough still has a long way to go to approach commercial quality. Below is the new improved recipe. Equipment Mooncake mould Round box for dusting the assembled balls. Disposable food container will do…

Pecan Pie

After a full day at work on a Sunday for quarterly maintenance, went home and baked two pies.  Pecan pie on the top rack and custard pie on lower. The pastry for both pies turned out beautiful and crumbly.  The…

Lime Cheesecake generation 3

The limes from the supermarket downstairs are larger and gave much more juice that previous batch. Much more sour too. Carefully taste the mixture at each step to avoid too much sweetness.   This time round, double the butter for the…