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Going with another Android build

Going with another Android build to get Digital Wellness application timers.

NitrogenOS, my go-to third-party Android build for the longest time. After I moved from the high-end phones to the mid-range, the number of builds available dropped drastically. NitrogenOS developer xYYx has regularly provided major versions and updates.

What phone I am using? Poco X3 NFC.

Unfortunately, NitrogenOS does not have Digital Wellness application timers. I need to reduce my social media consumption, so I checked out other builds. On the night before Lunar New Year’s Eve, I moved to PixelOS. I have not done a factory reset in nearly 2 years. The Android (or Pixel) onboarding was visually beautiful.

The Application timers are there, but I remembered it was possible to set the days it enforces. Now it seems to do it 7 days a week. The Pixel-specific features were interesting. Maybe in the future, I will test drive the Personal Safety features.

I was going to put January 2023 update when other people complained about the apps losing permissions. The fix is to manually assign app permissions or factory reset. Not fun. I think I will stay on my build, from December 2022 till February 2023 build rolls around.

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