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Android 13

Android 13 for Christmas. It is Boxing day, and lower activity. So it is a good time to upgrade my Poco X3 NFC to Android 13.

The whole process was very smooth and I don’t even need to reset the phone. Everything just works! (for now). This includes Google Wallet, in the past has been sensitive to upgrades, requiring reinstalling the credit cards. The Clock App widget could not display properly on the Nova and launcher. After some poking around I thought the widget might be corrupted, so I cleared the app data. Thereafter the widget works.

Google Camera Macro function shows a black screen, that I can live with. When I was driving, I noticed that my Jabra Talk 45 wasn’t reading. I tried repairing the earpiece with no success. In the end, I reinstalled the Jabra Service and Jabra App to get it working.

The wi-fi tethering service would not start. I changed the SSID to a new name and it started working again.

Additional testing revealed that the Google Phone app is not displaying call history. I cannot see the call history of each contact. I use followed the Clock app troubleshooting and cleared the Phone app data. After a few dummy calls to a number, the call history appear for all the numbers dialled.

The upside of Android 13 is that it is very stable. The System UI crash error has all but disappeared. The Settings icon is moved from the bottom of the Quick Settings menu to the bottom of the screen. Much easier to access. It is the changes in the permissions that are stopping the apps from working properly.

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