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Vaccination Booster #2

I took Vaccination Booster #2 when I heard the nearby centres are closing. I quickly when for the Pfizer shot, which turned out to be a really bad idea.

The next day, I got a fever and body aches which are the usual side effects. Except I have to go to the dentist to fix my cracked tooth. So on top of vaccination side effects, I have a toothache. After the dental visit, the pain in the mouth lessens but the side effects worsen. My wallet was crying though.

I had bouts of freezing cold and melting hot speels. My legs were aching, probably due to the swollen lymph nodes. The fever and lying in bed, kicked in dehydration. Now, I have a splitting headache, a toothache and body ache.

Fun. And that is just day 1.

Day 2, after a repeated dosage of Panadol, I felt much better. Cleared some work stuff. In the evening the fevers came back. More Panadol.

Day 3, back to normal with a raspy-sounding voice.

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