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Notion and templates

Notion and templates really help to keep your stuff together.

Previously I have written about how my system is leaking (link) and stuff is not being tracked properly. Enter Notion. I have installed it, test-driven it. Somehow I could not tap the immense customization.

As it turns out I have installed the Ultimate Tasks by Thomas Frank. It is a series of templates based on Notion. There are projects! Projects are tasks and actual tasks are linked subtasks. Doing this was a pain in Evernote. There are just notebooks and notes. I don’t want to create a notebook for every project, it just becomes an extremely long list.

There are some views that the templates, Today, 7 days, Priority, Cold etc. The priority is limited to High, Medum and Low. The Cold view shows tasks that are not moving. This provides a view of the tasks from many points of view.

Thomas Franks Ultimate Task template for Notion

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