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I update my blog’s header picture when a new version of Android is released. This has been a regular thing for the past few years as I really enjoyed playing around with the phone and the apps.

I am cool with it and even the possibility of being tagged as an enthusiastic Android fanboy.

This year, I felt different. I still install nearly cutting third party builds on the phone and explore the latest Google Camera app. This has gone on at a much slower pace. I don’t chase the reviews of the latest phones from the top or popular manufacturers. So much has changed, I no longer feel that I should put the Android name as my header picture.

Therefore I chose another picture from a book recommended by Steve Jobs. “The Whole Earth Catalog: access to tools and ideas”. Stay hungry to stay in the race. Stay foolish to try new things.

After all, if you don’t try you never know. If you don’t persist to try, you never improve.

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