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Schedule sending messages

Schedule sending messages when it is not a good time for the recipient.

It is the middle of the night and you wanted your colleague to follow up on something tomorrow. It would be rude to send messages right this minute at 1 am and at the same time, you don’t want to forget about this task. The answer is to schedule sending messages.

The other use cases are sending message reminders, eg “get dinner before going home”, “Please remember to buy milk”, “Have you finished your homework?” etc.

SMS – If you are in this world, various SMS apps can do message schedule sending messages eg Textra. Hit the Plus sign on the left edge, select the clock and choose your time.

Telegram – Press and hold the send button on the right edge. Select the “Schedule Message” link

Signal – This feature has been open since 2018. There are no indications this is going to be implemented anytime soon.

WhatsApp – This feature is not available natively.

Wait a minute, WhatsApp most popular messaging app can’t schedule sending messages? By itself, it can’t. In the past, there were apps that can send messages through WhatsApp even when the phone is locked! After Android 8 (I think), with increased security, this is no longer possible. You will need to remove the phone password for the app to work. However, there is a way around this.

There are some scheduling apps eg SKEDit, which will notify you of a scheduled message. All you have to do is unlock the phone, from the pull-down notifications, select the App to run. You can easily doing this in a moving bus.

SKEDit – basic plan, no login required.

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