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2021 year in review

2021 is the year I changed company without really changing company. The whole department was moved to the mothership, for better or worse, who knows.

Completed some small projects early in the year, some interesting, some painful. Successfully guided an intern to complete several projects. Work with a large public transport operator again, after I promised not to take them ever again. A case of Never Say Never.

Inherited a really big and long duration project. This is my first time managing a project with a timeline that goes into years. The usual time scale for me has usually been months. This was something different, not to mention the 3 different PMs has gone through.

At the work-from-home front, after a year of using the dining table, I have moved to a corner of my own. Got a USB C monitor to reduce the cabling. Instead of everything connecting off the computer, they are now connected to the monitor. The USB headset goes to the monitor, so does the micro USB cable for charging stuff. I wanted to move the handphone charging cable too, but the location just messes up my workflow. So that cable stays on the power strip.

On the Android front, after enduring MIUI for 6 months, when Android 12 is on the horizon, I jumped. From Android 10 to 11 with Nitrogen OS. No more weird Chrome browser hang-up. Just before Christmas, I upgraded to Android 12. It looks different, works a bit different.

Ivy removed the kids’ bookshelf and replaced it with a motorized table and exercise bike.

On the certification, I completed the AWS Associate Architect. Now studying for PMP. I really want to finish this certification.

My system for tracking things is breaking and leaking. Hopefully, I can fix it before the new year.

Health and fitness, I set my 17km record at 2 hours 15 minutes. I cracked my last lower right molar, the dentist tried to save it but I had to have a crown job. It cost a bomb. Ouched.

Edit: 20 Jan 22

Originally I did not want to put this in, 2021 was a year of replacing kitchen devices. Blender, fridge, washing machine. I am all set for the increase in GST!

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