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AWS Solutions Architect Associate

I saw there were lots of AWS videos on the HR training portal. Recently I have found there is a certification track for Architect Associate! Maybe it is time to pick up the slack on this.

I was thinking of writing a post on this exam, when I saw I wrote a post halfway on 27 Oct 2019, thought I close this post by finishing it.

The exam was 65 design multiple choice questions in 130 minutes. I did it on site. There were no simulation, subnet, CLI or Powershell questions. There was one question on what script to run to query for metadata, I just chose CLI.

There were lots of questions on a de-coupled applications, how to implement them in more ways than I could imagine. SNS and SQS came up frequently and so did storage.

There were a few questions on containers, Elastic Container Service and Fargate.

The one that tripped me up big time was the rotation of keys and how to do it. The obvious answer is Key Management System, but detailed steps were asked. I never demoed that or watch the video to do this. Such an obvious exam topic but I did not check them out. 🙁

In the end process of preparing for the exam and taking it, I wasn’t sure I am cut out for this line of work in real life. The repetition was getting to me and I did not see any magic upside.

I still passed the exam 🙂

Project Management Professional exam is now calling.

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