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My teeth

I am losing my teeth.

In 2019, after a Bah Kut Teh dinner, I thought one of my teeth got chipped by one of the pork ribs. After a few days of feeling the sharp edges of the tooth, I decided to visit the dentist.

The dentist said that my first molar, no 46, cracked. link, not chipped. It looks ok now, in the longer term, there might be a need for a root canal. This has to be paid out of pocket as it is not covered by Medisave. Ouch.

Fast forward to 26 Jan 2021. I got this dull achy pain on my lower right jaw. I put it off for a few days till I can’t even chew properly. After poking around the dentist said my tooth 47’s nerve is dead and it has to come out.

Right molar, number 47

On 15 Apr, without its partner 47, the cracked tooth no 46 gave up the good fight. The dentist said there it is beyond saving. Luckily this procedure can be paid for by Medisave.

[su_spoiler title=”The gory details” icon=”arrow-circle-1″]The tooth cracked into two halves. The dentist pulled out each half individually. The roots still remain embedded in the jaw and have to be removed by incision/s and more drilling. Once the x-ray confirmed the all-clear, the dentist then sutures up the incision/s. In 2 weeks time I have to go back to remove the stitches. [/su_spoiler]

Next, a crown job. That is when my wallet truly melts.

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