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Celebrating Chinese New Year under lockdown

Celebrating Chinese New Year under lockdown in 2021 presents some difficulties

in 2020, Hari Raya Puasa occurred during Singapore Phase 2 COVID 19 circuit breaker, which means only 2 people from another household can visit you. That was a real headache, most of the Muslim community did their New Year visitation a month later, after the easing restrictions.

For the Chinese in 2021, originally looks like a fairly relaxed mode of 5 visitors at any time. Then the second wave hit the UK and the US with many new variants COVID 19. The authorities when tightened up to 8 visitors per day vs the previous 5 at any time. Each household recommended 2 visits per day. Plus restrictions on no auspicious chantings for Yu Sheng.

The end effect for us was less than desirable from a medical perspective. Normally during Chinese New Year, all of the extended family visit my father on the first day. We would have met all the uncles and cousins at the same time. This year we just send everything through my dad since everyone is visiting him, the eldest. Spread over a few days.

So instead of protecting the elders, they became the focal points. Next year got to be better.

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