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A new phone part 2

Previously I posted about getting a new phone. This is about what I got.

After looking at the different phones on Carousell, I sort of settled on OnePlus 7T, except that it does not have a official TWRP recovery and hence no LineageOS. A hefty S$600++ and second hand to boot. After a few large essential purchases, this project got put in the holding pattern.

On XDA, I came across a post on the old POCO F1 was a good value phone and I went hmmm. Cyber Monday came around and I saw a few folks raving over a S$299 deal for PCO X3 NFC.

The only spec that checked before order was the SOC. A quick glance in GSMarena says it is an SD732G. This will be my first non-8xx class since Samsung S2 ! I hope my usage will not be too taxing. Ordering from Aliexpress is a mixed bag of feelings because refunds for non-delivery is usually not possible.

After crossing my fingers for 2 weeks, the phone arrived safely. Some other people reported order cancellation, probably due to the low price. My first thought on opening the package was “This is a tall phone for $299!”. There is a case included, so it is literally pop in and go.

This is a tall phone for S$299!


The first and only game I tried was Pokemon Go and it runs smoothly.

So far it has taken every app I have used with great finesse. No weird out of memory launcher reload. This is even with TraceTogether app installed. I mostly use Reddit, Twitter, Aquamail and some Youtube. Battery life, I have ended up at 11 pm with ~50%

Looks like the SD 8xx class is more for hard core gamers.

Need to wait till the honeymoon period is over before rooting.

New Phone Specs

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