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A firewall

I bought a firewall to control my daughter’s gaming.

The port filtering firewall in the ASUS RT-AX56U is retarded. I can block users’ network access by MAC address by time periods. There is a separate option to permanent block to a different type of content without a time period. It is not possible for me to restrict gaming or Youtube to a specific timeslot, eg after school hours.

After some searching around, it seems that the Pfsense is the most common lab/home use firewall. So I got the basic model, a Netgate SG-1100. Delivered to EZbuy warehouse in the US for US$17 and forward to Singapore for an additional US$8. Save a few dollars from their shipping of US$30.

Overall, ordering from the US is cheaper than the nearest reseller, in Malaysia.

Now to wait for it to arrive.

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