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Cooking with a cast iron pan

I finally got around writing about cooking with a cast iron pan or skillet

After watching a few videos, I was curious about what is so great. So I got myself a small/mini pan S$8.

I followed the Youtube guides on seasoning the cast iron pan with oil and baking it for 2 hours. Nothing happened. The sunny side up egg still stuck to it like super glue. I tried to use stovetop seasoning, high heat and rubbing cooking oil till it smokes. That gave me a migraine but the egg still stuck.

In the end, I just gave up and followed my mom’s instructions for maintaining the Chinese wok. Wash with water after cooking, use soap sparingly. After washing, heat to dry and oil. link In the end, the difference is that the pan is slightly oily to touch and not mirror-smooth.

Now I have a much better cooking experience! With a small dash (teaspoon) of oil, the egg comes off cleanly.

Pan-seared scallops, the kids said were great. I tried some with luncheon meat and got a nice sear. The thickness of the material certainly helps.

Try it out! You don’t need any expensive brand name pans, it is just a lump of metal.

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