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Upgrading the Kobo Aura

Upgrading the Kobo Aura Edition 2 with a new battery and memory

My second hand Kobo Aura’s battery is dying. When it hits 50%, it will mysteriously drop to 1 %. Time to change the battery. After a false start, I finally got the replacement battery couriered over from China.

New Battery’s label

The cable snap in properly and was able to charge. The challenge is to remove the old battery. Using a hairdryer, I slowly levered the old battery out and using a penknife cut off the glue.

Unfortunately, the replacement battery needs to be installed with the shipping label downwards.

New battery flipped over and connected. Original battery next to it

I used a weak sticky tape to hold the battery in place. When the back cover is installed, it is not going anywhere.

Just before closing up. Power button on the upper right. The 16 GB card is just barely visible

Now since I have opened it up, I thought it might be a good idea to upgrade the storage. The MicroSD card is removable in a cardholder. It is a simple matter of backing up via USB, restoring on a bigger card and extending the partition.

The key point when doing this, what is the speed of the microSD card? The original has a speed class of 4 or up to 4MB/s, the replacement 16GB, is a speed class of 6 or up to 6MB/s. That should be fine right?

Replacement, top 16GB. Original 4GB, bottom. Can you spot the difference?

The reader after the memory upgrade works fine at times, but it always takes a long time to come out of sleep mode.

After staring at the two cards, it seems that the new 16GB card is missing an I. That is important. link I or UHS-1 bus speed 50MB/s. Those without is 25MB/s The 16 GB card is slower by 50%.

My second try is with a 32GB U1 card. This was much better.

The Kobo Aura now feels like it has been given a new lease of life!

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