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Android 11

Android 11 was launched on 9 Sep 2020

Android has come a long way from KitKat. Most of the rough edges have been smoothed out by the subsequent versions.

I like the Chat bubbles feature. In Android 10, during a call I can switch between apps or back to my call with the floating bubble.

Voice access.

This feature I have to test. This has always been a hit or miss due the difference in accent.

App Permissions

Android 11 now have one time or even expiring permissions. For those pesky apps that you want to grant one time.

Digital Wellbeing

The bedtime mode and Sunrise Alarm in Clock looks interesting.

The new bedtime feature in Clock helps you set a healthy sleep schedule. Track screen time at night and fall asleep to calming sounds. Then wake up to your favorite song. Or use the Sunrise Alarm that slowly brightens your screen to start the day.

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