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A new phone

I need a new phone

I got the OnePlus 3T in 2016. In 2019, after years of faithful service, I replaced it with the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. It has an edge to edge screen with a front-facing camera in the chin instead of the forehead. A unique phone and pricey too. There were some quirks related to MIUI, but it was bearable. Then disaster strikes.

One day in 2020, I dropped it. The case took up most of the impact but the shock transmitted into the phone killed the proximity sensor and the microphone. The microphone was considered not repairable, by 2 third party repair shops. No local support here.

So I went back to my OnePlus 3T. All is well but I can tell the battery charge hold is weakening. I need to charge it twice a day. I am thinking before I consider replacing the battery, maybe I should get a new phone.

Options that I have considered:

  1. Samsung S9. S10 is still very expensive. There is very little XDA support. Carousell at S$280
  2. Another Xiaomi phone but I need to treat it as a disposable phone.
  3. OnePlus Nord – The legacy of OnePlus 2 hangs heavily, checks every box including weird cameras and apps being killed. S$649 officially
  4. Pixel 4a – single SIM 🤔 S$500
  5. OnePlus 7T – on sale now. US$449 or S$612 officially
  6. OnePlus 6T – it is below S$500! From Aliexpress

Yes, the Nord is more expensive that the 7T. Weird.

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