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Working in a COVID-19 world.

COVID-19 is a contagious coronavirus that is now classified as an pandemic. We will need to put bread on the table, so some changes are required.

  1. Wearing face masks. Face masks generally loop over the ears. That means it entangles with anything that goes over the ears. For me, it is the Jabra mini ear hook, the in-ear headphones and even my driving sunglasses. The in-ear headphones wires over the ears. I need to wear this differently or get a replacement.
  2. Working from home is more productive if you have an external monitor. Especially if you are using TeamViewer. No more squinting at tiny words on a 15-inch laptop screen . Get one that uses HDMI or USB C if your wallet permits.
  3. Get a cushion for your tush. If you like me, are camping at the dining room table, get a cushion to sit on. A large bath towel works too.
  4. Conference calls. Those true wireless earbuds don’t cut it. The mike audio is horrible and lifespan is too short for the call.
  5. If you are on a VPN connection and need a hardcopy. Any network printer is going to end up in the office. Use a USB cabled printer or email it to the home printer via Google Cloud Print or HP ePrint.
  6. Oh no, that Outlook mail needs an A3 paper to print out! Never fear. link
  7. Whatsapp blocked on the office network and sick of typing on the phone? Use a Bluetooth keyboard or Pushbullet. Caution, Pushbullet doesn’t work well with multi desktops.
  8. For recurring meetings, reuse the Microsoft Teams invite so that all the chats related to that team stays together.

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