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How to print a wide email on A4 paper?

You want to print a wide email on your home printer with A4 paper.

This happens all too often, you received an email with a table that goes forever to right. The sender is probably working off a widescreen monitor and you are using a standard 13 ” laptop. If you need a hardcopy, you can print landscape to a printer with A3 paper.

That is not an option if you are working from home due to COVID-19. How about shrink to fit paper option? Oops, Outlook does not have that.

There is another way.

For Outlook for Office 365, click on the Message tab. In the ribbon bar, look for the group “Move”. Inside the group “More Move action” command. “Other Actions, View in Browser” This will open your email in your default browser. In the browser, when you print, you can select fit to page to squeeze that wide width into your paper. Naturally, all the text becomes much smaller.

So there you have it, you can print a wide email on your home printer. Keep safe and wash your hands with soap.

This is a continuing series of articles on using Microsoft Office to improve your productivity. Others are here.


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