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Using Whatsapp Web in the office with Pushbullet

If you are like me, Whatsapp Web is blocked in the office. Here is a workaround using Pushbullet.

You can tap on Android’s “Direct Reply” for notifications to reply to WhatsApp messages. You can’t do attachments or send new messages

  1. Install Pushbullet on the phone and desktop Chrome. link
  2. Remember to turn on Encryption!
  3. In Chrome://flags, disable “Native notifications”

Now every time there is a notification or an incoming WhatsApp message, PushBullet will send it to the desktop. You can open the app’s notification and reply to the WhatsApp message.

This method does not enable you to reply to read messages. You can only reply to unread notifications. Not great but excellent if you need to do not want to miss any incoming messages. Especially if it gets a bit long-winded.

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