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I wanted a multitool with a pair of pliers and sturdier than my Swiss Army Knife

After some drilling down on EzBuy, and removing the duplicates, I found one for a very wallet-friendly S$11. It came branded as Jeep. Strange.

It comes with 13 functions, but without scissors and nail puller. On the other hand, in a 385g package, it has all the usual functions, including a Philips screwdriver that drives a bit extension and assorted bits. All these are included with a handy pouch.

All the functions are slip joint lock. Care must be exercised to ensure the force is downwards, not towards the joint. Otherwise, the blade will close.

So far I have tried the can opener, it is the rip type action. The cutting edge is not sharp but it works. The saw when used on a piece of plastic cable trunking, I got a disappointing result. A pair of straight pruning shears cut faster than the saw.

The wire cutter is designed for large cables eg 13A power cables. It is not possible to use it to strip the insulation as the gap between the blades is too big.

The bit extension grips the standard driver bits securely but has a very loose fit with the multitool. When using it horizontally, some care is required or it will just drop off.

Overall, you pay for what you get. I have discovered the more functions in a multitool, be prepared for an increase in weight.


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