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Starting on Python

I am starting on Python programming. This was after two incidences that required me to mass translate some Cisco config files.

Due to some weird circumstances, I needed to extract the Cisco’s show inventory into an Excel format. The tool or the code that I have encountered requires Python. The first time I tried this, I could not get it to even run. A few months later, I encountered a similar problem and ended up with Python again. This time around, I managed to get the environment around, but I could not install the required xlwt module. I used another tool to complete the task.

So I thought, hmm the lightning actually strikes twice. Maybe it is time to dive deeper. With more time, a library book and the Internet, I got hellow world working but still no joy on the code running. I fixed a bug, concatenation from bytes to string. It is still throwing weird errors about writing to the wrong file type.

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