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Losing weight and diet

I tried losing weight so as not to outgrow my pants.

Originally, I set out to eliminate the after-lunch coma, not lose weight. Rice and sugar were having an effect on me. A full stomach of rice translates to a sleepy afternoon, makes it easy to identify. Drop rice for lunch. Sugar was much harder it took me nearly a year to realize that the Nescafe machine coffee that was supposed to keep me awake, made me sleepy! I changed to coffee without sugar, hey presto no more heavy eyelids!

My waistline was slowly expanding and weight went from 75 to 77 kg. I thought losing weight should be easy since I run regularly. The results were quite different. I burn only 1000 calories for a 19km run. That is like a slice of cheesecake!

I started cutting back on portions for lunch. Rice and pasta got the chop. I just eat leftover main dishes from yesterday’s dinner. For Mondays, I started on a no lunch programme, just lots of water and coffee. Without sugar of course.

After about a year, my weight dropped from 77kg to 67kg. 🙂

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