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AWS Cloud Practitioner Associate Exam

Passing the AWS Cloud Practitioner Associate Exam. This was my first technical paper in quite a while.

This is the entry paper to the AWS world. There are videos and some reading materials. The website said it is an 8-hour course, I completed that over a long weekend of 3 days. The material covers the basics of AWS and what each service does. I did not use any other material.

Some background, I am running this WordPress blog through a hosted service provider. Therefore I used this an analogy so that I can understand the complexities involved. The requirements and responsibilities the services require from the user.

I passed the test on the first try. The following items which I did not do well. This is mainly due to I did not pay more attention or drill down.

  • Aurora
  • Redshift
  • Efs vs S3 vs NFS Cloudwatch logs what can it do
  • Where are the compliance docs kept
  • Tools to estimate the cost
  • Detail cost tracking using tags?
  • Pricing plans using Reserved Instance


AWS training

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