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How to use Outlook better!

This is a collection of tricks that I have found to use Outlook better

You need to reply to an email thread with an email attached. An email attached to an email.

  1. You searched for the mail in Outlook. Select the desired mail in the center panel and copy it via Ctrl – C.
  2. Oops! You can’t find the mail thread that you wanted. Maybe the serial number can help. You copied the serial number and paste into the Outlook search bar.
  3. Now you have lost the copied email. <errgghh>

The solution is to use Outlook drafts as a holding place. Between step 1 and 2, paste that email as an attachment in a new blank email. This is less volatile than the copy-paste buffer. You can enter a subject if you like, but it is not necessary. Once the desired email is ready to be replied, it is a simple matter of moving over the attached email from the blank draft email.

This trick does not have to be restricted to just attached email. You can do the same with forms of attachment. Collate the desired attachments in a blank email. You may be interrupted multiple times but this work is not going to be lost. Compose the body text in the draft email. When all are ready, locate the email to reply, move everything over and send out.

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