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Milestones this year

Milestones this year are bitter sweet.

This has taken me a really long time. The road to achieving this milestone is long, 32 years in total. I made my 100th blood donation in May. Out of the 100, about 10 were through apheresis donations. The rest is whole blood. Approximately every 3 months. When I was younger, I quite vigilant. Later as a working adult, it was a challenge. There was a period I was down repeatedly with an itchy throat and as a result, persistent cough for months. As I was medicated with various drugs, so no donations. Now, I try to do it as frequently as possible, before my time is up.

Another milestone this year, is a long service award. In my career, this is the second time I have reached 5 years. The first one was with a local company. They are not big on giving awards. The second one, I never thought I would last this long. By August this year, I would be in service for 6 years. Something of a record.

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