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Going to the cloud

I was using an Excel spreadsheet to track my projects. Sometimes I forget to save and my changes are lost. Or the file got corrupted because I did not close Excel properly. Then I will get version problems. The most common problem is that it is stuck in my hard disk.

So I decided to try what everyone is doing. Put it on the cloud and access everywhere. Putting the tracker online helps a bunch in unrolling changes and it comes with instant save. I have not tried updating it from my handphone. Yet.

Other things I am trying is making access easier. Now with 2 phones, Evernote is not longer cutting it. The 2 device limit is a road block. Other alternatives include Keep, blocked by corporate firewall or Onenote. Onenote app is blocked by corporate firewall but the website is accessible.

One way is to use the web version of Onenote, direct entry to the Microsoft servers. Download to the phones later. Save the upload and download.

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