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Mi Mix 2S

When I first got my Mi Mix 2S, I decided to keep the MIUI in place. I have used third party builds (aka ROM but this is sooo wrong) for the longest time.

Nice things like EAP-SIM authentication for Wireless SGx is great. I can install nice apps like GCam with Nightsight. Unfortunately, Digital Well being doesn’t work well on MIUI 10.

The battery life is nothing to shout about , I get about a day’s worth from morning to night. I think it must be the way I use my phones. Nothing lasts more than 24 hours.

The annoyance part. It is very difficult to find a case that have screen protection. A case with screen protection should have a raised lip going round the four sides. When the phone is placed face down the screen doesn’t touch anything. The stock case is just slippery plastic shell. I got a Mofi with a textured back but no screen protection. After some searches and staring at user review photos, it seems the Mofi case with half textured back comes with edge protection. Now to wait for delivery.

Mix 2S does not comes with a headphone jack, so when you are watching videos and the battery is low, you are in a quandary. If they have shipped with a dual USB C connector, that would be great.

Update: 22 Jan 19

The Mofi case with a half cloth and leather back comes with a very small raised lip around the display. At least that is some edge protection.

The Android build is MIUI 10 Global 9.1.17 Beta or Android 9.PKQ1.180729.001 Here comes the fun part. Jabra software does not work. The Jabra service causes the Messenger app to crash. Jabra app crashes when trying to check it to read Whatsapp messages. I think there is a security wall somewhere.

The USB C dongle for the headphone jack, out of the small handful of times I tried, it only worked once. Ouch!

Update: 31 Jan

The random Messenger app crash is back. I sort of fixed it by using Textra. Google Pay cannot install cards and Safetynet is failing. I think this is due to the unlocked bootloader. Need to do some digging during the coming holidays.

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