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OnePlus 6T officially launched

The ceremony was moved up one day to 29 Oct because of an Apple event.

Head phone jack is gone, the notification light too.

According the reviewers, the camera is still bad.  Strange that they did not take steps to improve, especially since Google Camera is really killing it.

More details here.  Link

I dug around in Wikipedia and found the following information.  With the exception of the X, every new model went up $20-$50 in price.

One4/64 GB6 Jun 2014$349
Two4/64 GB27 Jul 2015$389
X3/16 GB29 Oct 2015$249
36/64 GB14 Jun 2016$399
3T6/64 GB15 Nov 2016$440
56/64 GB20 Jun 2017$479
5T6/64 GB 16 Nov 2017$499
66/64 GB 16 May 2018$529
6T6/128 GB 29 Oct 2018$549

Personally, I think I might get a Nokia or Xiaomi.  Their lack of NFC and/or notification light irritates me.

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