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Must watch TV series

I haven’t written anything about TV shows or series in a long time, if ever. 

 Here is a list of what I think is much watch TV series in 2018.  Landmark / critical series, I will do it another time.

  1. Jack Ryan – A new take on Tom Clancy’s lead character.  Nice and tight, unlike Homeland, which feels draggy at times. I just wish they would make a spin-off on Mr. Clark.
  2. Bodyguard (BBC) – A very gripping show.  Rated best BBC show in a decade. 
  3. The Good Doctor –  An autistic doctor. A remake of a Korean show of the same title.
  4. The Resident – A resident vs Head of Surgery. I wonder if the lead character graduates from residency, is the show going to change its name?
  5. 9-1-1 – What happens when you call rescue?
  6. SWAT – Turn off your brain and enjoy.

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