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Android Pie and unknown apps

I am trying to avoid a click-bait title.  Some apps are breaking on Android Pie

F-Droid  –  Unable to assign “Unknown apps” permission, because it does not appear in the list.

ES File Manager – same as above

Wifi Automatic –  Cannot turn on/off Wifi

Tap’n’Turn –  After screen lock, it is unable to rotate the screen

Jabra Assist – Crash on launch

Android Pie is currently cutting-edge software, so some apps breaking or ‘bleeding’ is to be expected.  The issue that most concerns me is that the app must be recognized by Android to be able to given permission. Prior to Android Oreo, there is a master switch to allow installation of non-Play store apps by enabling “Unknown apps” in Settings.  From Oreo onwards, this is done on a per-app basis.

What if one day Android decides not to recognize any app for “Unknown apps” permission?  Thus blocking all third party apps?

Edit: 2 Sep

After some searching, I have decided it might be due to all the layers of Alpha code.  So I wiped the system partition, put back Magisk and Gapps.  All the apps lost their permissions, and F-droid permission prompt came!

Edit: 16 Sep

Last Nitrogen build 13 Sep got Jabra app working!

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