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How to make Titanium Backup work for you.

Titanium Backup is a very popular app that does, backup. There are built-in templates that helps you to use it. Those templates are usually global, affects all apps. What if you want it to work on a few apps?

  1. In the “Backup/Restore” tab, find your app by scrolling or typing into the search.
  2. Long press on the desired app.
  3. Select “Assign Labels..”
  4. Create your label and assigned it.
  5. Search for your other apps and assign the same label.
  6. Tap on the “Schedules” tab.
  7. Add *New Schedule”.
  8. At the top of the screen, tap on “No filtering” and select your label.
    1. Select the desired action, backup new versions, backup all etc
  9. Set day and time. That’s it!

At the configured day and time, Titanium Backup will now act on your custom list of apps.



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