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Microsoft Word tips

Here are some Microsoft Word tips that I found to be useful

  1. Cross-reference
    You need to refer to a certain sub-paragraph and afraid that the number might get changed. Don’t worry Word got you covered. This works for page numbers too. link
  2. If you want the last row of the table in the current page to move to the next page. link
  3. If you want the last row of the table to be kept in the current page.
    “Home” tab, click the dialogue launcher in the “Paragraph” group. In the “Line and Page Breaks” tab, check “Keep with next”
  4. Tables that spread across multiple pages, you can increase readability by making the top row repeat on every page. link
  5. Pasting screenshots in a multi-columned table. To ensure the screenshot is readable, it is best to fill the entire row with the image. Merge all the cells in the row and paste the image.
  6. Moving chapters around in the document with a drag and drop using Navigation panes.
    The chapters can be easily promoted to main chapters or demoted to sub-chapters.  A whole chapter can also be deleted. This is where the benefits of properly tagging the chapters with headers come in. link
  7. Copy text between Word documents or Outlook and not have the formatting screw up? Try this. CTRL C to copy, CTRL V to paste, immediately CTRL T.  link In Excel use paste as Value.REF:
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