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2017 in review

2017 was a horrible year for me. The year opened with a bang when somebody’s car rear-ended me on the last few days of 2016. 9 months later, another driver repeated the same feat.  Luckily, no one was injured.

A relative had a health scare. Turns out consuming more high blood pressure pills does not make you get well. Thereafter suffered a series of strokes, requiring multiple hospital stays and constant care.

The family is good, children moving on to the next higher level in education. The wife, after some 14 years moved on another job.

Personally, I had a health scare, when my right fingers became stiffed and painful to move. Initially, I thought I am getting arthritis but a friend said it could be due to over exercise. I stopped trying to do pull-ups and now, all better.

My OnePlus One phone died after 2 and half years of faithful service. The digitizer cracked, even though the display is working fine. I have the parts, I should try to repair it. In its replacement, I had to resort an urgent purchase of the OnePlus 3T. So far it has been great!

Work it has been bad. I have included a wrong addressee in an email with the customer in the circulation list. The customer made a big fuss. In my opinion, highly over-dramatic. I think I became the Patsy in the customer’s internal politics. As a result, my performance appraisal suffered. Badly.

Lastly, I made a wrong call to delegate a cable repair session to attend a meeting. That repair after 4 months is still in progress.

2017 is a year I couldn’t wait to get it over.

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