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Small tasks matter

I saw a commencement speech video on doing small tasks. The speaker talking about doing your bed in the morning. That completed task will give confidence to the next one. And the next one. At the end of the day, full of completed tasks.

That sounds like a great idea! Trying to revive a New Year goal, I modified it slightly with completing 10 push ups in the morning. With that checked off, I squeezed in starting the laundry before sending the kids out.

By the time I got back, the washing machine completed its cycle and the clothes are put out to dry. Next, complete a mind sweep and prioritize the action lists. I am on a roll!

When I got to the office, got all the tasks and then some squared away. Unfortunately, I was unable to borrow a multimeter and the EzBuy choices are daunting. I guess I have to leave this for later.

Reached the customer data centre, tried out the USB console cable. Oops, hardening turned that off. Next practice punching cables on Krone block. When the sensor is turned off, the cutter is disabled.  More tasks checked!

Next task is to figure out why the loop back test failed for this branch office. This took some time. After confirming all the cables are connected, time to jury rig my LED torch as a continuity tester. I think one wire is wrongly connected. Checked !

The last task is to investigate why the application is not updating the status properly. Tried a simple application restart. There seems to be no improvement. Looks like RTFM time.

A productive day.



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