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OnePlus 3T apps in memory

The OnePlus 3T comes with 6GB of RAM. By default, this is limited to 32 apps running in the background. One day, I got fed up of waiting for Pokemon Go to load.

I flashed a custom recovery, TWRP and changed the build.prop file.  This was done without root. I changed the value from 32 to 50. See below.


After a reboot, it flashed the dm-verity warning. This was caused by TWRP. In my panic, I rebooted the device. Thereafter it went into a boot loop. I downloaded the latest full update, recovery flash and restored functionality.

Weeks later and after more research, I to try again. Everything is the same, except for the reboot after pushing in the build.prop. I decided to ride it out. The screened blinked and continued the boot process successfully.

With the dm-verity tripped, Android Pay refused to work, but Singtel Dash is working fine.

To check your work, you can install any build.prop editor to read.

XDA link

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