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LMS Network View stuck on hourglass

In Cisco web site, it is called Network Topology View whereas, in the LMS Topology Services Main Window, it is called Network View. After launching the Topologies Service Java plugin, if the hourglass icon does not go away within a minute, there is a good chance, the membership needs to be recomputed.

In the LMS browser window, navigate to Inventory, Groups, Device. This will lead to the same screen as Admin, System, Group Management, Device. Navigate to the highest tree in your inventory group and on the right side of the window, you will see the buttons, Export, Import, Create, Edit, Details, Refresh and Delete.

Click on the Refresh button. Next, a window pop-up will prompt to confirm re-computation of membership of user groups. Click Ok.  Relaunch the Java plugin and you will be able to display the Network View.


If this doesn’t work, you will need to restart the LMS application.¬† This will clear up the hourglass problem.¬† It also clears up when the Topology Services, Summary View does not match Inventory Groups.

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