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Racking Cisco UCS C220 server

Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) C220 server is a line of proprietary servers to run various applications like WLC, ACS, ISE, Prime etc. These applications are Linux based but it can also be a VMware hypervisor. The customizations of the server hardware include Web based system management of the server hardware.

On the outside, UCS C220 looks just like any other off the shelf server from HPE or Dell. Rack mounting it is a two person job. You can rack it with one person, but it is not easy.

Due to staff called away to another case, I was left alone to mount the server. The inner rails refused to be released from the outer rails. There must be a release latch somewhere, I couldn’t find it.  I did the next best thing, tried to mount to the server with the rails in the rack.  Using the equipment below as a rest, I pulled out an inner rail most of the way.  Keeping the rail between me and the server,  align the server pegs with rail side horizontal keyed slots. This leads to a strange situation.  I ran out of hands to push the server backwards to lock into the rail.  One hand is holding to the rail and another supporting the server.

I ‘jerked’ (like tossing a pizza) the server backwards towards the rack, a few millimetres and the locking clip caught. Verified that the server 3 pegs are in the rail. Supporting the server with one hand, pulled out the other side inner rail and align the horizontal keyed slots with the server pegs. Again jerked the server to lock the server.

Run a few cycles, pulling out the server to verify that it is securely fastened. Screw in the safety screws.

According to the official guide, I am supposed to remove the inner rails and attach the rails to the server.


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