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Saving your fingers with Punisher Multi-tool

I got into multi-tool because I was looking for a window breaker for the car. (Still looking)

The Punisher multi-tool has a cool looking hex nut spanner, pry bar and bottle opener. Other than attacking tins of Milo and biscuits, I couldn’t find much use. Bottles here are twist open.

Fast forward to a job I had, moving a couple of racks of equipment. We need to recycle the caged nuts. These can be popped off using your fingers.  After 10 of them, the tips of the fingers begin to ache.

I discovered, by pressing the chisel edge into the gap between the caged nut and the rack, the spring can be compressed. Once you hear the click, a twist of the wrist the nut will pop free.

To push in the nut, place an ear in the square hole, press the chisel edge onto the opposite ear. Once you hear the click, use another hand to push the nut in and pull out the tool at the same time.

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