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Cisco LMS and SSH

In the Cisco LAN Management Solution or LMS, the Topology Services has a nifty feature.  Right mouse click on a device, you can choose to Telnet or SSH to the device.  This module based on the Java plugin is not without its headache.  The information to configure the plugin is not easily found.  After much grief and hair pulling, I found a blog post for  LMS 3.2 (gasps!) link.  Using the information from that post, I used the keywords to search through all the LMS 4.2 PDFs hoping for a match.

The configuration of the Java plugin for SSH is found in the “Monitoring and Troubleshooting with Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution 4.2” book.  Basically, you need to create a config file for the Java plugin to read.  This file, should be in the user home directory.  For Windows 2012, this is the location.


I recommend putting a copy in Default and “All users”.

The actual location of the SSH client software, I placed it in “Program Files (x86)”  or in DOS format, “C:\Progra~2”. For the 64 bit location,  “Program Files” is “C:\Progra~1”

Therefore, the file should contain the one line.



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