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Waze, making sense of the traffic maze

I saw on MBKHD G+ post about using Waze to beat traffic stops and congestions.  So I thought hmm, why not give a try.

Waze is a community-based driving navigation app.  It was bought over by Google in 2013.  Google Maps takes the traffic congestion info from the app as input.  I have used it before a year or two ago,  but I found the UI lacking and uninstalled.  This time round, the UI looks better.  I can add Favourites and timed drives!  Timed or scheduled drives are for upcoming journeys.  It will alert you when to leave, much like Google Now.  It also can send via SMS or Whatsapp an ETA.  This requires manual activation.

So far it works and tries to guide me the fastest route.  The problem is that some routes flagged as slow and I found to be clear.  For example, I was trying to go to Hougang mall, Waze thinks that the road in front, Hougang Ave 10 is congested.  It kept insisting on going by the major road  Upper Serangoon road.  Except that I am at Hougang Ave 4, just a few lights away.

Another strange thing Waze does not work with Bluetooth ear piece seamlessly.

In summary, it works, but sometimes the congestion avoidance can be better.


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