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Fountain Pens and studying

I recently got into using Fountain Pens. This continued even after a lost bunch of them at work. On another front, I have been dragging my feet on studying for my Project Management Professional certification. It was really a bore to watch videos and take notes, rinse and repeat for the 40+ modules.

I filled out the study notebook and needed a replacement.  Penelope Trunk once wrote

If you don’t like writing lists, buy a new pen.

Taking that message to heart,  I got a replacement notebook that is fountain pen friendly.  Nothing expensive, just some books and loose sheets from Daiso.

Guess what happened? Writing out notes isn’t a bore anymore! Using my EDC fountain pen, Loom F, it is a joy to watch as the nib sailed across the page. Letters are formed by the twirling silver nib. I managed to get down to creating lists for the inputs and outputs of each process, all in record speed!

As a keyboard warrior, using the fountain pen, I found that I get lesser finger and arm strain.

Penelope Trunk

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