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The Expanse (TV series)

The Expanse is a sci-fi TV series from SyFy channel.  It is about human occupation or colonisation of outer space and Mars.  The series is very well made and covers the following about space and space travel.

  1. Water and air is more important than gold
  2. There are no ‘force shields’ or ‘inertia dampeners’ or ‘light speed’

It is that kind of Sci-Fi depiction where you can win a space fight and lose in the deadly debris shower.  There are some really revolutionary ways of using technology.  No more massive flight decks!  If you can put everything in the size of an iPad mini, you don’t need massive consoles.  The concept of hand terminals as cell phones is interesting.    link

Data exchange with other terminals is just a way of hand.  No peering required or it was cut for dramatisation.  It reminds me of the good old days of Palm organisers beaming contacts.

What about the plot?  Watch it yourself, it is interesting. link


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