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Singapore Palm Users Group (SPUG) is finally dead

SPUG or Singapore Palm Users Group had been going to a slow decline for the past few years.  It was down for the last few months of December 2016.  Today in January 2017, it has finally given up.

SPUG is down


As a Palm owner, I remembered joining the group to catch up on the latest for apps for the Palm PDA.  Later it became a go-to reference for almost anything.  The SPUGgers in the Others thread had a wealth of knowledge to share and contribute.  A much more refined forum than the freewheeling EDMW. Google is always there, the collective local context of Spuggers was unbeatable.

Later as the product line of Palm slowly shrunk, so did the group.  When the HP killed off the Touchpad, the participation of the forums slowly died off.  The same happened to the Singapore Windows Users Group (SWUG).  That group became a Facebook group.

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