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Playing Pokemon Go and root

Pokemon Go the new location based game is now the in thing.   To defeat GPS spoofers, it uses Google SafetyNet check to catch phones with root.  That means if it fail the checks,  no Pikachu for you.

The first version of the game tolerated root.  Newer versions not so much.  I tried to use the various methods with Magisk and systemless root to keep the game working. It is a cat and mouse game with Google.  A smart XDA developer would come up with a new way of hiding and Google will patch that some days/weeks later.

In the end, I gave up, and live with the stock permissions.  Reinstalled Xposed, reflash the Sultan’s CM13 build to remove SU.

Life without root, was interesting.  All the ads could not be removed and  apps no longer have the permission to kill other apps.  It was irritating, Llama could not stop  Google Play Services on a regular basis, or Trigger (NFC) could not stop selected apps or control GPS.

You get used to it after a while and develop work around.  So far it has been nearly a month using Android with stock permissions.

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