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Jason Bourne

What do you do when you have an immensely popular movie series but it has completed its story arc? Why not use it to introduce its new brother?

Jason Bourne is the fifth installment of the Bourne Identity movies. This time round with most of the loops closed, there is little if any plot at all.

Several times in this movie the computer screen shows a directory of folders, including the infamous Treadstone project. At the same time, the camera also lingers on other adjacent folders. Folders with names that we know of and don’t. That is why our hero comes in. To dig up the truth and at the same time keep it all a secret.

Unlike what the Variety said about the Jason Bourne the movie franchise, it looks like a setup for a spin-off movie, this time with Jeremy Renner at the helm.

The only problem I see it was that the root folder of our collection of Black ops projects was called ‘Classified Black operations’ Now if they have named it some innocuous and yet deadly name like Outcome, the transition from the old to new would be a smooth almost seamless step.


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