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24 hours

There was a Thursday in April 2016, that my 24 hours went like this.

0550 hrs, wake up, prepared breakfast and wake up the rest of the family. Drop off the kids at school and wife at MRT station.  I was in the office to clear some stuff.  In the afternoon went over to customer site in preparation for the performance test.

I spend most of the afternoon in hurry up and wait.  The application team and the customer did a verification check on the applications and hardware.  By the time the performance test started it was already 1700 hrs.  Application team flagged off the start of tests. Logs were captured and proceeded to stress tests.  The time is 2000 hrs.

During a lull period, I left to pick up the kids from the caregivers and send them home.  The time is now 2130 hrs

Went back to the site to collate the test results, extract out the desired values and create the graphs.  Now the time is 2300 hrs.  This is going to be a problem as the next job is at 0100 hrs, just 2 hours to go.  By the time I get home, it is time to leave again. So I drove on to the next job site

Surprise, surprise.  The works cannot start till the daily operations wrap up at 0200 hrs.  The whole bunch of us, 10 in total spend an hour gazing at the starlit night.  At 0430 hrs, with no good results, we packed up and left.

I reached home at 0500 hrs.  Took a shower and slept for 30 minutes before the alarm at 0550 hrs.


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