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No Social Media weekend

I was wondering what it would feel like for a weekend without social media. No Facebook, Twitter or Reddit. Instead of spending time flicking through pages and pages of twits, posts, pictures of dogs and cats, how about actually doing something else.

So for a slightly over 1 and half days, I resisted the temptation to click on any of the above icons. I quickly found that during queuing activities, I need something to fill my time. What used to be looking at cats and dogs pictures, I ended up housekeeping my photos. Giving my phone storage some breathing space.

While the kids to finish their breakfast, instead of the usual browsing through /aww on Reddit, I did a sweep of my open loops. It was not all smooth sailing though, I allowed myself to track the development of my phone’s CM13 build on XDA.

Hopefully this change in habit lead to increased focus, discipline and productivity.

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