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Uncle Sultan

I cannot stop laughing when I saw this on Reddit.  Words in bold are mine.

We haven’t been abandoned, but we’re clearly the oldest kid in the family from an earlier marriage. Our mom still loves us, but she has her hands full with her other kids and we don’t get as much attention.

Our dad is a bastard who only married mom out of convenience (or lack of options) and dumped her when we were still a baby, for some Indian chick.

Thankfully Uncle Sultan has taken us under his wing as we’ve been wandering the streets. He bought us some cool new shit and takes us for drives on Saturdays to get ice cream.

Dad still sends his child support payments, albeit late and always with a catch (bloat). Uncle Sultan and the CM team’s love comes with no strings attached.

Mom doesn’t talk about him, and she does her best to provide for us, but we all know her efforts can fall a little short sometimes. Still, she’s our mom and we love her. Even if we remind her every day of the man who stomped on her heart.



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