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Taking Google for your holiday

Going for a holiday? Good chance you will be bring your smartphone along.  For Facebook, WhatsApp etc.Use it to document your trip and not just for photos.

Using Google Maps, star the locations you are at.  If you are visiting the same place again, drop a comment. Later when you are back home, review your locations visited at Google Bookmarks.  Be careful labelling  the locations using this screen, as it will change the date and potentially the order of visit.

If you want a higher  level of detail, use Google My Tracks.  This will boost the accuracy and frequency of Location History checkpoints.  The exact path traveled can be seen in Google Maps Timelines.  Remember  to sync with Google Drive to backup  the database!  It is not kept in the Storage  folder.  I lost mine through a factory reset.

Above all, remember to tear your eyes away from the screen and enjoy yourself!

Bookmarks  Timeline

Edit: Google Mytracks will be stopped on 30 Apr 16.  You will have to use any of the fitness apps, export and import into Google Maps.

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